Representing the People

As the people’s lawyer, the Prosecutor’s Office is committed to our community.

We seek justice, pride ourselves on professionalism, and are dedicated to public safety.

Pursuing Justice

With specialized trial teams, we vigorously prosecute violent gangs and those who commit elder fraud and identify theft.

We held accountable those who assisted cop-killer Maurice Clemmons and are respected state-wide for our aggressive and fair pursuit of justice in all cases.

Serving our Community

We work with community leaders on intervention and prevention, including successful efforts to stop the state from dumping felons from other counties onto our streets.

Please check our Media page for updates as the Prosecutor’s Office continues vigorous, bold, and innovative efforts to make our community safer.

I also invite you to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter, or at one of our events leading up to the 2014 election.

Thank you everyone who joined us at our 2014 kickoff party. Our speakers, our musical guests, and the cast of hundreds made for a night to remember. There are pictures on this site and I’ll also post pictures on my Facebook page.  

For those who couldn’t make the event, please donate online or send a check to People for Prosecutor Lindquist, PO BOX 1821, Tacoma WA, 98401. I appreciate the support!

Thank you again. It’s a privilege to serve as your Prosecutor and I look forward to many more years of service.

Your Prosecutor,