Please join us on Saturday, July 30, 2:00 pm, at our Family-Friendly Summer Celebration at Ruston Point Grand Plaza, 5115 Grand Loop, Ruston, WA.

Peter Buck of R.E.M. will be performing with the Beatniks, the best cover band in the Northwest. Additional guest stars to be announced.

Besides music and a short program, there will be a bouncy house, beverages, food, politicos and loads of people who appreciate a good party and care about community safety. Suggested donation is $50 — keep our Prosecutor!

For more details, please go to the Facebook event page. 

Representing the People

As the people’s lawyer, the Prosecutor’s Office is committed to making our community safer and serving the public.

Pursuing Justice

With our new High Priority Offender team, we are vigorously prosecuting the small percentage of the criminals who are committing a large percentage of the crimes, effectively focusing resources to reduce crime.

We continue to aggressively prosecute violent gangs and those who commit elder fraud and identify theft. Our Gang Unit and our Elder Abuse Unit are respected state-wide for successful, innovative and vigorous prosecution.

We held accountable those who assisted cop-killer Maurice Clemmons and diligently pursue justice for our community in every case.

Serving our Community

In addition to the vigorous prosecution of criminals, we collaborate with the community on access to justice as well as intervention and prevention, including successful efforts to stop the state from dumping felons from other counties onto our streets.

I’ve lobbied the legislature for many laws to improve public safety, such as stiffer penalties for vehicular homicide. Please check the Media page for updates as the Prosecutor’s Office continues bold and innovative efforts to make our community safer.

Also, please join me on Facebook and Twitter where I post and tweet on miscellaneous matters.

Thank you again. It’s a privilege to serve as your Prosecutor and I look forward to many more years of service.  

Your Prosecutor,