Our next event in 2016 will be our semi-famous Seventh Annual Signed Book and Spirits Auction. 

This year we will be going all local — local authors, local wines, and spirits from a local distillery.

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Representing the People

As the people’s lawyer, the Prosecutor’s Office is committed to making our community safer and serving the public.

Pursuing Justice

With our new High Priority Offender team, we are vigorously prosecuting the small percentage of the criminals who are committing a large percentage of the crimes. We are using data, intel, and technology to identify and target the worst offenders. This innovative program will reduce crime and make our community safer.

We’ve successfully reduced property crime by collaborating with law enforcement and we pursue justice every day on the thousands of cases we handle each year.

Our Elder Abuse Unit is a leader in the state for both prosecution and prevention of Elder Abuse. We are available to speak with community groups.

Serving our Community

In addition to the vigorous prosecution of criminals, we collaborate with the community on access to justice as well as intervention and prevention, including successful efforts to stop the state from dumping felons from other counties onto our streets.

I’ve lobbied the legislature for laws to improve public safety, such as stricter penalties for vehicular homicide and the closing of legal loopholes. Please check the Media page for updates as your Prosecutor’s Office continues to make our community safer.

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Thank you again.  It’s a privilege to serve.  

Your Prosecutor,