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The “Keep Our Prosecutor Kickoff Concert” with The Beatniks is coming up. Please join us Saturday, April 14, 6;00 pm at the Landmark Temple Theatre in Tacoma.

Mayor Victoria Woodards will be welcoming the crowd, Detective Ed Troyer will be MC, and the Beatniks and special musical guest stars to be announced later will be rocking after the speakers. For more information, please go to our Facebook event page and sign up, thank you. 

Meanwhile, you can read Mark’s latest public safety column, “Prosecutor Looking For a Few Good Public Servants,” in the blog section of this site.

Thanks to everyone who made our Summer Concert event with the Beatniks and Peter Buck of R.E.M. a success. Images from that party and other events are posted on our Pictures pageYou can visit our Facebook page, join our Facebook Group, or follow Mark on Twitter for more recent events. 

Please see the message from our Prosecutor Mark Lindquist below.

#KeepOurProsecutor #KeepOurCommunitySafe


Representing the People

As the people’s lawyer, I am committed to keeping our community safe and strong. I’m a career prosecutor with over 20 years of service in the office.


Pursuing Justice, Protecting Our Community

With our new High Priority Offender team, we are vigorously prosecuting the small percentage of the criminals who are committing a large percentage of the crimes, the career criminals. We are using data and technology to identify and target the worst offenders. This innovative program is reducing crime and making our community safer.

Our Elder Abuse Unit, which I formed in 2011, is a leader in the state for both prosecution and prevention of elder ebuse. We are committed to protecting elders and other vulnerable victims.

We have formed a consolidated Domestic Violence Unit to better protect victims of domestic violence through collaboration and partnership with other agencies.

We’ve successfully reduced property crime by collaborating with law enforcement and pursue justice every day on the thousands of cases we handle each year.

Additionally, we have progressive and innovative alternative courts for non-violent drug addicts, veterans, and those with mental health issues.

Our juvenile justice system includes diversion programs to support juvenile offenders and help steer them away from crime.

All of this adds up to a safer community.


Serving our Community, Keeping It Safe

In addition to the vigorous prosecution of criminals, we collaborate with the community on access to justice as well as intervention and prevention, including successful efforts to stop the state from dumping felons from other counties onto our streets. We take strong and principled stands in both the civil and criminal arenas.

I’ve successfully lobbied the legislature for laws to improve public safety, such as stricter penalties for vehicular homicide, the closing of legal loopholes, and improvements in mental health care. Please check the Media page for updates as the good people in our Prosecutor’s Office continue to make our community safer.

This year our office is filing a lawsuit to hold the big pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in helping create the opiod epidemic. 

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I’ve recently begun posting my various writings on public safety, leadership, and life on a new Medium page.

We work for the public and therefore I believe in continually communicating with the public we serve.

Finally, I’m always available to speak with community groups. I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you this way.

Thank you.  It’s a privilege to serve.  

Your Prosecutor,


Mark Lindquist