Broad and Bipartisan Support

Mark Lindquist is a career prosecutor with over 20 years of service. He was appointed to be our Pierce County Prosecutor by a unanimous bipartisan vote of the County Council in 2009.

He was elected to a four-year term in 2010, and re-elected with 96% of the vote against a write-in candidate in 2014. He has enthusiastic support throughout the county. #SelectedElectedReelected


Vigorous Prosecutor and Leader

The former Chief Criminal Deputy, Prosecutor Lindquist has personally prosecuted countless cases, including murder, rape, child molestation, domestic violence, elder abuse, assault, drive-by shooting, DUI, financial and property crimes.

He led the prosecution team in the conviction of Tyler Savage for the rape and murder of Special Olympian Kimmie Daily. His previous trials include the conviction of the Tacoma Mall Shooter.

He believes in high standards, principled stands, and public service. He stands tall and does what’s right.


The People’s Lawyer

As our Prosecutor, Mark formed a High Priority Offender Unit, which focuses resources on the small percentage of criminals who cause a large percentage of the crimes. This innovative program — the first of its kind on the west coast — uses data and technology to identify and target the worst offenders.

He also formed a Gang Unit, an Identity Theft Team, and an Elder Abuse Unit that is a leader in the state for the vigorous prosecution and prevention of elder abuse. Protecting the vulnerable is a primary directive for the office.

For five years Mark was the Team Chief of the Drug Unit. In that time methamphetamine labs were reduced by more than 90% in Pierce County. In the effort to reduce methamphetamine labs, Mark collaborated with local law enforcement, the community, and our legislative delegation.

Mark successfully advocated for laws to stiffen penalties for drunk drivers who kill, stop the duplication and dissemination of child pornography, and close a loophole that allowed mentally ill offenders charged with violent crimes to walk free.

Recently, the office has begun legal action against the big pharmaceutical companies for their role in creating the opiod epidemic.


Committed to a Safe and Strong Community

In his initial years as a deputy prosecutor, Mark worked in Buckley, Eatonville, and Gig Harbor, as well as Tacoma. He visits community groups throughout the county and welcomes speaking opportunities. Contact us if you would like to invite Mark to speak with your group.

Mark served as Chair of the 2012-13 United Way Campaign, serves on the Tacoma Community College Foundation Board, serves on the City Club Board, is a member of Rotary 8, and was a reading tutor at McCarver Elementary, among other community activities. He is also a nationally acclaimed author.

A fourth generation Washingtonian on both the Evans and Lindquist sides of his family, Mark is part of a long and honorable tradition of public service. He and his wife Chelsea live in Tacoma near Stadium High School where Mark’s Grandmother, Katherine Reese, graduated in 1926. Their daughter Sloane was born in August, 2010.