Parades and Speeches

Our daughter Sloane loved her first parade as a participant! She waved to the enthusiastic Steilacoom crowd like a pro. You can see pictures on my personal Facebook page, my public Facebook page, or the Pictures section of this site.

I do a lot of public speaking to various community groups. Usually I’m discussing public safety, our Elder Abuse Unit, our Gang Unit, our High Priority Offender Program, “Fair Share” or some other way we are protecting our community from crime. Sometimes, though, the subject is writing or something even broader.

Recently, I was happy to honor the graduates of Clover Park Technical College this year as their commencement speaker. My speech was titled #fivehastags, with each hashtag representing a chunk of counsel. For example, #HashtagOne was #MakeFriendsWithGreatPeople.

Here is the beginning of the speech with a link to the entire text:

Congratulations, graduates! Does anyone have plans for tonight? Celebrate the victories, I say, and drive safe.

Congratulations also to the families and friends of the graduates.

If your phone is still on, feel free to keep it on. Tweet all you want. #Respect4Tech

Thank you President Loveday, thank you Clover Park trustees, thank you faculty, staff and students.

I’m Mark Lindquist, your County Prosecutor. There was a time in America when people didn’t hate lawyers. Lawyers used to be counselors. They would give good counsel, rather than just cause trouble.

Tonight, as your lawyer, I’m going to be an old-fashioned counselor. My counsel to you will be in the form of five hashtags. You can hashtag that, by the way.

First though, I’m going to tell you a quick story about my background so you know something about the source. Before I was your Prosecutor, I was a writer.

Now, it’s not unusual for lawyers to become writers. That seems smart. It is unusual for writers to become lawyers. That seems dumb, but that’s what I did…. read more





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