Caring and Keeping Us Safe

Our Prosecutor Mark Lindquist cares and he’s committed to keeping us safe.

In the nine years Lindquist has served as our Prosecutor, felony crimes in Pierce county have gone down 18%. Misdemeanor crimes are down 29%.

Using FBI numbers on serious offenses, last year crime was up by 7% in Seattle, up by 5% in Washington, but down by 4% in Pierce County.

The Prosecutor’s Office has helped reduce crime with a variety of innovative strategies. For example, to better protect and serve survivors of domestic violence, Lindquist unified felony and misdemeanor domestic violence teams in the Prosecutor’s Office with victim advocates and law enforcement in one central location.

Rape survivor, and former Sexual Assault Center Board member, Jo Jensen praised Lindquist and the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, “I was raped when I was 17-years-old. In those days you didn’t come forward and talk about it. But today, things are better because of the Prosecutor’s Office and people like Mark Lindquist.”

“When victims are treated with compassion, they find their voices, and are able to tell their stories in court,” said Prosecutor Lindquist. “Attackers are then held accountable and we’re all safer.”