Sexual Assaults on Planes

FBI investigates sexual assault on planes

During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the FBI alerted the public to a significant uptick in sexual assault cases about aircraft. In 2023, there were 96 cases of in-flight sexual assaults. Sexual assault or sexual abuse aboard aircraft — usually unwanted touching — is a felony. According to the FBI, most in-flight sexual assaults begin when … Continue reading Sexual Assaults on Planes

Suing for Safer Skies

Mark Lindquist Law files lawsuit in sexual assault on plane

When you’re flying, you shouldn’t have to worry about a door plug blowing out mid-flight, or a sexual assault while you’re sleeping. When these outrageous things happen, our clients want accountability, justice, and a fix for the problem. That’s where we can help. What follows below is the Mark Lindquist Law news release regarding a … Continue reading Suing for Safer Skies

Max 9 News Release

Boeing Max 9 door plug blowout on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282

SEATTLE, WA. – Today attorney Mark Lindquist filed an amended lawsuit against Boeing and Alaska Airlines on behalf of 22 passengers on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282.  A nearly new Boeing 737 Max 9 plane was flying from Portland, Oregon to California on January 5. At 16,000 feet, there was a loud bang and whoosh as a … Continue reading Max 9 News Release

Jurors and Justice

“Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty. Without them we have no other fortification against being ridden like horses, fleeced like sheep, worked like cattle and fed and clothed like swine and hounds.” John Adams said this in 1774 and it may seem a bit hyperbolic. Two hundred and … Continue reading Jurors and Justice

Successful Settlement

I’m blessed to represent good people, albeit often in challenging circumstances. Lawsuit Goals Surviving family members of William Yurek wanted three things out of this lawsuit. One, justice. Two, accountability. And three, a change in city policies so this didn’t happen to anyone else. Our firm achieved those goals for them. Philosopher Sun Tzu said, … Continue reading Successful Settlement

Officer-Involved Shootings

Kevin Peterson Jr.

As a plaintiff’s attorney and former prosecutor, I believe neutral and professional reviews of officer-involved shootings are best for everyone involved. Victims and their families deserve this. Officers and their colleagues deserve this. The community deserves this. Public trust depends upon this. Recently The Tacoma Weekly covered the issue, including a specific request in one … Continue reading Officer-Involved Shootings

Fright and Terror Admissible

Boeing 737 Max 8 crash

In a major win for one of my cases and for all of the involved victim families, a United States Judge ruled jurors will be allowed to hear evidence of “pre-impact fright and terror” suffered by passengers in the crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 plane. Boeing attorneys argued the evidence was “not relevant” … Continue reading Fright and Terror Admissible

Sex Abuse Claims Update

For more than five years I served in the Special Assault Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office, or SAU, where I prosecuted rape, child rape, child molestation and other sex crimes. On the television show Law and Order they call it the Special Victims Unit, or SVU. Real life isn’t as fast and tidy as TV, … Continue reading Sex Abuse Claims Update

Third Shooting is a Pattern

Kevin Peterson Jr was shot and killed by Clark County deputies

In 15 months Clark County Sheriff’s deputies wrongfully shot and killed three people, including an off-duty police officer. One wrongful killing is a tragedy. Three wrongful killings is a pattern that needs fixing. I’ve filed two wrongful death lawsuits against Clark County in two different officer-involved shootings. There are some disturbing similarities in the cases. … Continue reading Third Shooting is a Pattern

Wrongful Death in Seattle

heart monitor

On March 24, 2022, our firm filed a claim against Seattle for the wrongful death of William Yurek. I represent Mr. Yurek’s adult daughter and the mother of his three minor children. Mr. Yurek’s 13-year-old son did the important things right to save his father. Seattle, unfortunately, did the important things wrong. This was a tragic … Continue reading Wrongful Death in Seattle