Mark Lindquist media interview

Telling your Story

Mark Lindquist has won some of the most significant cases in the state. His high-profile cases include murders, aviation disasters, small plane crashes, government negligence, officer-involved shootings, sex abuse, and other incidents causing wrongful death or injury.

Winning your case requires knowing your story and how to tell it to the jury and sometimes the media and public as well. John Quincy Adams, lawyer and U.S. President said, “Whoever tells the best story wins.” 

Some cases need to be negotiated. Some cases need to be tried in a courtroom. Some cases need to be heard in the courtroom of public opinion. Mark excels in all three arenas. 

There is nobody who can better understand and tell your story. 

Select Clients, Superior Service

Mark’s firm only accepts a limited number of cases so clients receive full support and attention.

This personalized support exists throughout the process, taking pressure off clients.

Lawyer and Communicator

Mark has done hundreds of interviews for television, radio, and print, local and national.

Additionally, numerous groups have asked him to give presentations on communicating with the media, including the Washington State Bar Association, the Pierce County Tacoma Bar Association, the Washington State Association of Municipal Attorneys, the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, and other groups.

He is a sought-after public speaker and expert commentator on significant cases and legal issues.

Media Interviews

Mark discusses the Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 that crash in Indonesia with 60 Minutes Australia. He is still litigating for a family in the crash of the Boeing Max 8 in Ethiopia

The Los Angeles Times publishes a big story about the overlap in Mark’s careers as a trial lawyer and an author, “Crime is often stranger than fiction.”

Family members and Mark discuss the shooting of Kevin Peterson with KPTV, one of four television stations to cover the news conference. Kevin was shot while running away from Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Family members and Mark discuss the shooting of motorist Jenoah Donald with KOIN TV, one of four television stations to cover the news conference. Jenoah, who was unarmed, was shot and killed after Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies escalated an illegal traffic stop.

A family member and Mark comment on a wrongful death case against Seattle with Q13 TV. Because of city negligence, a man was mistakenly on a blacklist that delayed the arrival of medics even after the victim’s 13-year-old son twice called 911.

A family member laments Seattle’s botched response to this medical emergency with Jason Rantz of KVI radio.

Mark discusses Seattle’s mistakes and possible fixes with KIRO radio and the Seattle Times.

On KING TV Mark analyzes one of multiple lawsuits pending against Seattle for the violence and chaos that erupted during CHOP, also known as CHAZ or the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

Several media outlets, including Dori Monson talked with Mark about the legal issues of the CHOP cases.

Washington Law & Politics reporter O. Casey Carr interviews Mark about how his two professions, trial lawyer and writer, merge and strengthen each other.

The Tacoma Weekly writes about Mark’s transition from public servant to personal injury attorney in a cover story.

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