Suing for Safer Skies

Mark Lindquist Law files lawsuit in sexual assault on plane

When you’re flying, you shouldn’t have to worry about a door plug blowing out mid-flight, or a sexual assault while you’re sleeping. When these outrageous things happen, our clients want accountability, justice, and a fix for the problem. That’s where we can help. What follows below is the Mark Lindquist Law news release regarding a … Continue reading Suing for Safer Skies

Sex Abuse Claims Update

For more than five years I served in the Special Assault Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office, or SAU, where I prosecuted rape, child rape, child molestation and other sex crimes. On the television show Law and Order they call it the Special Victims Unit, or SVU. Real life isn’t as fast and tidy as TV, … Continue reading Sex Abuse Claims Update