Our Community is Safer

Crime is down. Our neighborhoods are safer. Children are safer.

Our community is safer because Mark Lindquist is our Prosecutor.

Using FBI numbers on serious offenses, last year crime was up by 7% in Seattle, up by 5% in Washington, but down by 4% in Pierce County.

In the nine years Lindquist has served as our Prosecutor, felony crimes in Pierce county have gone down 18%. Misdemeanor crimes are down 29%.

Our community is safer because Mark Lindquist is our Prosecutor.

The Prosecutor’s Office has helped reduce crime with a variety of innovative strategies. Lindquist formed an Elder Abuse Team to better protect vulnerable adults, a Gang Unit to reduce gang violence, and a High Priority Offender Program, which uses data-driven prosecution to get career criminals off of our streets.

To better protect and serve survivors of domestic violence, Lindquist unified felony and misdemeanor domestic violence teams in the Prosecutor’s Office with victim advocates and law enforcement in one central location. Pierce County was the first in the state to do this.

Additionally, Lindquist has been a leader in championing therapeutic courts, such as Drug Court, Veterans Court, and Mental Health Court, as well as other reforms to the criminal justice system.

Pierce County was once a dumping ground for offenders from other counties, but the dumping has been dramatically reduced thanks to the leadership of Lindquist and other partners.

Pierce County has a colorful history and a bright future. We are safer than ever.